Easy Steps to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Our aim is to help promote a green lifestyle on UK residents and help to reduce the effects of climate change. If you are thinking about going green, the first place to start is at home and with our steps it is even easier. Contact us if you require any further guidance.

Going green by installing insulation

Free home insulation

Insulating your property will mean that your home will have less of a negative environmental impact as less energy will be needed to heat the home, so a reduce in your carbon emissions. When insulating your house, you should ensure that the materials used are environmentally friendly too.

100% non-repayable

Having an un-insulated attic room without insulation can only end in disaster. They are extremely difficult to heat in the winter and it’s even worse to cool down in the summer. However, home insulation grants aim to diminish this and they are 100% non-repayable.

Saving water can also save you moneySave money and use less water

Reducing your water usage is easy and can also help to save you money on your water bill every month. Click here for water saving advice and tips.

  • Take showers instead of baths and make sure your showers are short
  • Consider switching your water supply to gas rather than electricity or oil
  • Install solar panels to heat water. The sun can provide hot water with no running costs

Don’t throw electronics awayUnderstand impacts of waste

Electronics have acids in them which can be harmful for the environment, so rather than throwing them away you can donate or recycle them when the time comes. Electronic waste is becoming a problem in the UK as it contains mercury and damages the environment. See impacts.

Other ways to improve this is to contact your local council and ask them if they can set up an event for recycling electronic waste and devices. This will help to promote to the locals about helping the environment too.  Campaigns include Wise up to Waste.