Raising Awareness About Going Green

Here at Solar Cities, we aim to promote a sustainable lifestyle that will help contribute to future generations to improve their quality of life. Going green can be a drastic change for some; however it will help to save you money and making you happier and healthier. See: Our Sustainable Resources.

We have thought of a number of strategies that would help to promote the green lifestyle we are so passionate about. Below are our recommended strategies that have high chance of success.

Advertising our campaigns on public transport

Out of home advertising allows a greater scale and dramatic effect on audiences in popular urban locations. This is why we thought it would be a great idea to advertise in busy cities in Scotland, including Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen.

A digital out of home advertising is striking enough to capture commuter’s attention in a location where other campaigns were. We recommend the help of Exterion Media. As they have knowledge in these specific areas that we were targeting, the team help you create an effective campaign.

They also work all over the UK in major cities in Scotland, including Glasgow. Click here.

Campaigning through social media

Social media has also contributed massively to the impact we have on individuals in Scotland. Our biggest network was the use of Twitter – here we posted videos, photos and simply content about the impacts of turning your life green.

We found this helped support our site’s content, as well as have other businesses become involved in our campaign as they were trying to promote the same as us. Read Sustainable Action’s twitter.

We were active daily and as well as posting our news, we also posted about others information as well as engaging with our target audience to help inspire them. Click here to find out more about us.